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Beat his ass Teddy.
Say what you want man, Vickie has gotten in really nice shape.
I like this Tamina and Natalya rivalry.
whoa whoa whoa? Is Naomi From NXT one of Brodus Clays dancers!?!

That’s where she is now? I hope this spins into her wrestling, because other wise that’s bs and a waste of  great talent.

Is Eve still in the car?
Richardo, What were you thinking?
Brodis Clay? From Planet Funk?

WTF did I miss?

Randy orton is a beast. I wish I was THIS good at catching food in my mouth.

3hrs of RAW All this talking and a divas match is actually shorter than usual. You know it’s going to be the only Divas match of the night too. How do you have a tag team match where no one is tagged, they show no intros, and 30 seconds of wrestleing. And there is no story line. They just grouped them all in to one pretty thinly written story; skinny chicks verses strong chicks. Lazy bastards. It really pisses me off how WWE treats the Divas division.
CM Punk sometimes reminds me of Dr. Cocks from Scrubs.