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Daniel Bryan just orgasmed.
HHH retiring?
Lol what was that look Booker T just gave lol.


That awkward moment when

You’re rubbing pain relieving liquid on sore muscles and catch yourself yelling “Ohhh Yeeeah” in a macho ManRandy Savage voice, loudly, over and over again.

Beat his ass Teddy.
Wow AJ’s got a Donk…

How have I not noticed that? That has gotten bigger me thinks.

HBK greatness.

Say what you want man, Vickie has gotten in really nice shape.
I like this Tamina and Natalya rivalry.
whoa whoa whoa? Is Naomi From NXT one of Brodus Clays dancers!?!

That’s where she is now? I hope this spins into her wrestling, because other wise that’s bs and a waste of  great talent.