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woke up today to white people being disgusting. they’re marketing important cultural items as fashion and refuse to listen to the MANY people commenting on how that’s offensive. they also went on to lost a bunch of other things white people appropriate that are also super offensive as if that makes what they’re doing okay. the two comments in the middle are just two of many, but as always white people refuse to listen and think that they’re being flattering, despite being told the otherwise.

in short, I learned that regalrose is a disgusting company and people shouldn’t shop there thx

I don’t see what the problem is and if I’m uninformed on this I apologize but why is it wrong for them to sell items that people want to buy? I understand there cultural icons but at the same time shouldn’t people be able to buy stuff to express themselves as they wish ?

Someone please correct me if I explain this incorrectly.

With doing this, white people are taking religious and sacred items and turning them into mere fashion statements. White people have already taken so much from POC and it’s like an additional slap in the face. Like in the case of Native headdresses, “My ancestors raped and murdered yours and took away your rights, but I am still going to use this sacred headdress because gosh, it just looks so pretty!”

It is usually done without any understanding or care about the cultural significance behind the item. It is basically just a shitty thing to do in general.

(Again, if I explained this incorrectly, someone please feel free to make corrections.)

I’m curious if the person writing this is a christian at all? Considering how Christianity appropriated nearly all of it’s major festivals and beliefs from the pagans who came before them. People this is culture, as people become more homogeneous they take from other cultures and change the meaning. It’s how humans work.

I’m not sure if you’re referring to me with your question but no I am not. I used to be when I was younger but have since stopped believing. But the issue with what you’re saying is that people, no matter how much we ‘evolve’ or whatever, we are not all treated equally. As a result of the hundreds of years of european colonialism, there is massive racism around the world. This leads poc who practice their cultures to be stereotyped, stigmatized, discriminated against, beaten up, even killed (Muslims in their headwraps, Indians in their saris and bindis, etc.), until the white mainstream decides that they look cool, and then suddenly these sacred things that people hold on to are being bastardized and made into fashion statements. If we were all treated equally and all types of discrimination were eradicated, then sharing other cultures and melding them together would be acceptable and would make a lot of sense. But since there are still massive amounts of discrimination, this just won’t work.

Shops have been selling this stuff for you wears, fuck I used to have a headdress when I was like 5. Sorry that apparently selling some cultures items is a massive problem but I guarantee that if it was Japanese or Chinese or even aboriginal cultural items that this wouldn’t be a problem to you. It’s the 21st century sweetie, get out of the past, because you can’t blame a company and calling them “disgusting” because they were selling something that’s in high demand in other stores. I guarantee you would call American apparel disgusting or any other highly popular brand.

Yeah unfollow me right now thanks.

It just feels an awful lot like “white guilt” to me no one has the right to say you can’t wear that because it’s special to me or my ancestors or my people. It seems to me that dictating who can and can’t wear a certain item or sell a certain item based on race is in fact racism. That’s my problem. I’m not saying that Native American Indians didn’t have a rough time in the past, a very rough time. However I am saying that we do have a tendency to forget about all of the white settlers killed by indigenous peoples. It is not so simple as to say one side is right and one side is wrong. History is filled with instances of other cultures that are in the proper upswing of technology that they are able to defeat another culture and take over. Holding onto the past as people are want to do and bemoaning the fate of what happened to ancestors you never met does nothing for your present. Working on the present and moving on is the way to honor your past and people’s history. Oh and just one more quick point I wanted to ask. How do you feel about indigenous cultures selling these items to white tourists? Should that not be allowed? Are you going to tell them who they can or can’t sell to based on race? Or again is it just white people you’re separating from everyone else?

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If other cultures are ostracized, beat up, killed, etc because of an item and white girls go around and get praised for being “trendy” it’s fucked up and cultural appropriation. 

If an item is a religious item and you are not a part of that religion, it is cultural appropriation.

If an item is a geographical based cultural item and you are not from there or part of that culture, it is cultural appropriation.

It is rude, disrespectful, and just downright oppressive to expect to be able to own and wear whatever you like because you want to. If it has a special meaning of any kind, it is not for you unless you are a part of it. 


I hope all of these people that are taking this to heart realize that it is extremely rare someone is “white” many “white” people are mixed with some type of native blood from all those “savages” our “ancestors” killed when America was first settled. or are all of you just going to continue to not recognize that the term white doesn’t even exist anymore for we are all a mixed race by now. my grandfather is basically as Native American as they come, so even though I appear “white” my family still has many races and backgrounds and if that is “white guilt” you’re all fucking ignorant. let people wear what they want, I guarantee you’re not full black or Asian or Indian or whatever the fuck you are. so bye.

Being white has nothing to do with it. Any race can appropriate a culture. You’ve completely missed the point. It’s something that is don by all sorts of people. And being a member of a race doesn’t entitle you to use a item incorrectly, and misuse it, especially if it is another’s culture. I’m Tsalagi and I can’t wear a war bonnet.

These are religious, and things with important meanings that are being misused, purpose distorted, and fetishised.

Take the war bonnet. This is a deeply religious item, Each feather is individually given and the nivs, cuts, paint, and things put on them all have a meaning. Then there is the fact that women are wearing these male versions instead of the female versions. If they understood the items they are taking they would know to do so is actually an insult to their own gender, and that they are in fact disrespecting themselves and their families. It is also a military  piece, it’s literally like a military uniform, and medals all in one. Native american soldiers sometimes wear them during military ceremonies. If you know anything about military laws you know that you can not miss civilian dress of any kind with a uniform with out some repercussions, from looseing rank, to fines. But this is permitted why? because it is in fact american military uniform. Is it ok to disrespect actual military uniform, medal of honor, purple heart?

Of the hundred thousand plus tribes in america less than about 10 use war bonnets. So being native doesn’t entitle a person to wear it. Your post really just proves the point of misuse and how bad appropriation is. and the talk of race makes me wonder if you know what appropriation is.

All I’ve said aside, the fact that people are hurt emotionally by this aside. The fact that people actually see this and literally go start crying aside. The fact that I’ve had little ones come home from outings and them asking their moms and dads if the people are making fun of them aside. there there the ramifications of this. The fact that the culture and religions these things originate from are being harmed. In the case again of the war bonnets. You have to look at the case the situations these cultures are in and how this behavior affects them and there cultures survival as well as the position their culture is in. These aspects of their culture were made illegal. That’s why we even have powwows to begin with. The culture was made illegal, and the children were forcibly removed from their parents, (this has happened at least 3 separate time and is currently happening is the south west united states at this very moment) they were sent to boarding schools and not allowed to practice religion, wear clothing, speak the language, or even hairstyles, of their culture. Tey had zero contact with family or community, for 18 yrs. When released the few that chose to return home (if they knew how to get there) found that all the elders were dead, the adults, were few,  and those few their who had the culture were few and dying. SO all that was left were young adults who new little to nothing of the culture and if the didn’t learn what they could it would die out. They had to scrap together as much of the culture that remained as they could to preserve it. The U.S. went from the thousands of different tribes it started with to a few hundred remaining today. Between the scoops , misuse of cultural aspects, in media, and recreation, and all these made up native american proverbs, it confuses the actual meaning of things and it its extremely damaging to these cultures that are strggling to maintain. It’s not a matter of moving on, because these issues never stopped even now what’s going on with the children in south dakota is terrible. These aren’t unfit parents, and the children have plenty of next of kin that could care for them.But there is a finacial benifit that overides these basic human rights South Dakota receives $79,000 from the federal government per year per child for every Native youngster it removes, but provides only $9,000 to a white foster home. The remaining $70,000 is deposited in state coffers. So once again there is  the fact that money is being made off of people and their culture. This isn’t something people should just get over. Cultural appropriation needs to stop.

This actually made me cry I laughed so hard.

The Avatars
By 1491s

OMG they can sing too? My new crushes, yo.

This could be you about to get your arms massaged after getting all the air out that dough, but you playin.

This could be you about to get your arms massaged after getting all the air out that dough, but you playin.

Who wants to cook me some fry bread?

I’ll massage your sore arms after. Kool?

When people ask me what my spirit animal is, I pull out my phone and show them this picture.

When people ask me what my spirit animal is, I pull out my phone and show them this picture.


  • not all native americans are cherokee
  • there is no such thing as a “cherokee princess”
  • warbonnets are not cherokee
  • tipis are not cherokee
  • the two wolves story is not cherokee
  • being 1/28th cherokee does not give you the right to wear a warbonnet
  • there is not just one band of cherokees
  • we do not speak “cherokee”
  • everyone is not “a little bit cherokee”
Thought’s from Polly’s Grandaughter


This is a wonderful blog by a friend of mine. She is Cherokee by blood and a member of the Cherokee Nation. She is an expert genealogist and researcher with much acclaim. Take your time and discover what Polly’s  Granddaughter has to say!


Life goals:

Hoop dance in a pow wow.